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Torikasa filming story

I've been wanting to talk about my process for drawing this comic for a while now, and this blog felt like the perfect place to do it! Besides process stuff and background thoughts on each scene, though, I also have a couple of other half-drawn comics I wanted to show, because I'm still not sure if I'll finish them or not.

I'll divide this by sections for each art post I've made about it, so here goes an index:

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Anonymous asked:

Hiii!! what motivated you ship Torikasa?? Is there any canon information? I like your drawings, have a nice day (╹◡╹)

thank you!! im guessing you do know that they're childhood friends and rivals? they do have a bunch of stuff but it's often scattered through stories.

they were friends as children, but their families are enemies and all the adults around them were always comparing them (usually to tori's detriment) so they ended up having a fallout when tori decided to become an idol. it's like a romeo and juliet setting but they're more annoying. despite that, they're not on terrible terms right now, they're the kind of rivals that make each other better

so since it's a situation that goes beyond their own choices, when it comes to torikasa it's often about the little things. they have bad baby pictures together, they watched period dramas together and got in trouble together. tori knows why tsukasa likes sweets so much. tsukasa joined biblion to compete with tori who was in the manga club. they promised to have a pillow fight in their next class trip no matter what. tori knows tsukasa is prone to overworking and checks on him before he does and tsukasa keeps an eye on tori's activities. they have this dynamic of worrying about the other but "no way im letting him know i care" and yea they often mention e/o in unrelated stories which kinda goes to show how much they think abt the other. are you really rivals if you're not at least a bit obsessed with each other?

some stories about them i recommend include:

- requiem: very long but it's a must imo, has a lot of their backstory

- first shrine visit: new years bickering! noble game is also a classic when it comes to their fights but i like this one because it shows a softer side to them too

- biblion: tsukasa's latest scout, it was really fun!

and any idol/sub story with them is worth a read because they're a fast way to see their dynamic, but some of my favorites are:

- the b in class 1-b stands for...: tori ! sub story. a really fun and cute read, they go to karaoke!

- aristocrat and attendant: this is actually a tsukasa substory with yuzuru, but it has some really nice details i think about a lot

- tsukasa idol story 3: !! era story and has them interacting alone bcs i realized i haven't added many like that in this list skfkslfks

anddd that's about it i think? im always open to questions i love talking abt them skfjskfjkds so if you're curious abt any of the stuff i mentioned or have read these stories and like them, hit me up!!! i care them

tags: #questions | (link to curiouscat) | august 10th, 2023

Mitsuba Sousuke's deaths and almost deaths: my ranking!

he has died 3 times in canon, and has had some other close calls in both canon and aus, so it's ranking time! this will of course contain several spoilers under the cut!

tags: #misc #jibaku shounen hanako-kun | (link to tumblr) | april 7th, 2023